Sanvest Oy’s ideology is to support the startup entrepreneur on the early stage to build up the successful and working company around the business idea and innovation. Support the company on the development phase to grow on controlled way with the consistent development philosophy. In the stage of operational growth and business extension there is a need for several supporting systems like ERP. Sanvest offers a support on system selection, helps on implementation, and consults on future development.


1. From innovation to company

Sanvest Oy supports inventor, innovator, business idea creator or entrepreneur in the early stage of the business on the company establishing, business plan creation, funding search and business networking.

2. ABC of the profitable business

Sanvest Oy offers training and consultation to entrepreneur for successful business principals, taxation and being an entrepreneur in Finland.

3. Foundations of the company

To be able to operate effectively company must have the basic processes and way-of-doing fixed and documented. Sanvest guide company or entrepreneur, how the business idea and professional ability can be utilized on the best possible by doing things right.


  • Mapping the funding possibilities
  • Funding application creation
  • Business plan creation
  • Business consulting
  • Project management and steering

4. Project management

Actions for operational development or product improvements are mostly handled on project mode and that is requiring a project knowledge. Sanvest offers consulting on project planning, management, and steering.


Sanvest - Laatujärjestelmä

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO9001 creates the frame for Quality Management system steering. Standard requires focusing on efficiency of the business model and help to reach the targets. Aim of the standard is to add value, process operations and performance improvement and fact-based decision making.


  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system creation and development
  • Quality development and improvement projects


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